While some of our clients enjoy the luxury of a municipal water supply piped right into their home, others of our clients depend on the ground to supply water either for their home, acreage or livestock. While these systems are far less expensive and oftentimes healthier than a municipal water source they can also spell trouble when they go out unexpectedly. If livestock don’t receive water right away they could become sick or die. When you need well repair service don’t hesitate to call our team of licensed professionals!

We woke up to no water. What should we do?
It could very well be that your well pump has failed. Sioux Falls well pump repair services are affordable and trustworthy when you call Golden Rule Service. We have expansive experience with both submersible and jet pumps.

Why do well pumps usually fail?
When you discover that you don’t have any water in the home, or even if you have very low water pressure, the most likely culprit is the well pump and/or accompanying water supply line, well tank or well water pressure switch have failed. If you are experiencing a lack of water pressure or no water at all then contact our licensed plumbers right away.


How long do well pumps normally last?
It is not uncommon for a well pump to last twenty to thirty years, though they can last only five to ten years as well. A lot of the lifespan is determined by how much you use it, the condition of the well itself, and how hard it has to pump the water.
How much does a new well pump system cost?
Costs can vary significantly on a new well pump depending on how deep the pump is and how hard it is to get out. Most well systems can be completely replaced for $5,000 to $6,000.

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