Golden Rule Service is the answer to all your sewer and drain problems!

Sewer and drain cleaning and repair cannot be done at the snap of a finger. If not performed correctly, these tasks can cause more complications and cost more money. Getting the job done the right way the first time is the best way to save money. When it comes to sewers and drains Golden Rule is your one-stop solution.

My sewers are backed up and clogged. What should I do?
Backed up sewers don’t fix themselves. A clogged sewer will continue to collect debris and can create serious plumbing problems in your home. Call Golden Rule Service and schedule a professional plumber and sewer cleaner to service your Sioux Falls home. Here, at Golden Rule Service, our plumbers utilize the latest tools, gadgets and sewer cleaning solutions to eliminate any stoppage in your plumbing system. Our technicians are skillfully trained and qualified in the work that they do. They provide the same level of expertise for your Sioux Falls sewer cleaning service that they do in their own homes. And sewer cleaning from Golden Rule Service is always guaranteed. Call us today at (605) 202-2020 to schedule your appointment.

Golden Rule Service invests great time and effort in satisfying our customers. We always do our very best to arrive on-time and promise to show up in a clean uniform (at least at the beginning of the day). We always wear shoe covers when entering your home and use drop cloths at our work sites to protect your floors and to reduce the amount of clean-up needed when we finish with your Sioux Falls plumbing or sewer cleaning service.

Do you offer any sewer cleaning coupons or specials?
If only your pipes could talk… what would they say? Our most popular sewer clearing special is the $93 or FREE sewer clearing. This special includes up to one hour of effort to unclog your sewer lines and covers one sewer the home. Once we restore flow we are often able to insert a sewer camera into the sewer and see exactly what caused the line to become clogged and if you will need any other repairs made to the system.

What if my sewer line needs to be excavated and repaired?
We are also capable of performing a camera inspection of your sewer line which will inform us of whether or not you will need to have your sewer line excavated and repaired or replaced. The most common reasons for sewer line excavation is tree roots intrusion, bellies, and never being installed properly in the first place.

Should I use any kind of sewer cleaning solution?
Under no circumstances should you use any kind of caustic or corrosive products in your pipes. These chemicals are very dangerous not only to you and your family, but also to our  technicians. If you have used ANY sewer cleaners please inform our staff and technicians so that they will not be burned when working on your sewers. These chemicals can cause a third degree chemical burn in a matter of seconds so please do not use them if we are going to work on the line. The chemicals also corrode our cables and are not eligible for the $93 or FREE sewer clearing special.

We do recommend using Bio One sewer bacterial cleaner with is EPA certified safe and poses no health or safety risk to you, your family or our employees. You can purchase Bio One from our technicians for $69 per bottle or $177 for three bottles. Bio One will break down all organic material in the line as it is used regularly, thereby opening up your sewers lines to their original size.

Contact Golden Rule Service today to learn more about our sewer & drain cleaning and repair services. In the Sioux Falls area, call our team at (605) 202-2020.


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