How long do drain or sewer pipes usually last before I will need to have a re-pipe?

Repipe-Image-1That is a very good question. The drain and sewer pipes in your home are not designed to last forever. It is not uncommon for both the fresh water pipes and the drain lines to need to be replaced after about thirty years or so. The usage of acids in the drain system can severely timing the lifespan of cast iron or galvanized steel. Tree roots will also clog up your sewer line and require excavation if the line is broken.

How will I know that it is time to re-pipe my drain lines?

Many homeowners decide to replace their drain pipes once they have had multiple problems with leaks in the pipes or if they have had multiple problems with clogs or slow drains. These are tell tale signs that it is time to replace your drain or sewer lines. We always install PVC pipe due to it’s reliability, reduced installation costs and long lifespan.

Why does my kitchen sink, laundry or tub drain back up so much?

These drains are the most susceptible to clogs because of the soaps and detergents that go down them, not to mention the greases and dirt that accumulates. These pipes are also typically the smallest drain pipes in the home (as opposed to the toilet drain). If you have had multiple clogs then something isn’t right with the drainage system. We have camera’s that can go down and look inside of these pipes to find the problem. If you have galvanized or cast iron drains then it is probably time to replace them. We also strongly recommend Bio-One as a routine drain treatment, especially if you have just had your pipes replaced.

How will I know that it is time to repipe my drain lines?

Most homeowners decide to repipe their drain lines once they start to develop issues with clogs in the line and or leaking/drippy pipes. Cast iron and galvanized steel drain lines are the most troublesome and should be replaced due to their tendency towards leaks and the course insides. Over time your drain lines will begin to clog up due to the grease and sludge that goes down the drains everyday. Eventually the system will simply stop draining and leave you in a tough spot. We always install PVC drain lines due to their reliability.

How much does a repipe cost?

The cost of a whole house re-pipe will depend greatly on the number of bathrooms in the home and the ease of access to the pipes. We have performed whole house re-pipes that were as expensive as $20,000 and we have done re-pipes that were as cheap as $3,700. On average, most of our clients end up spending about $5,000 or $6,000 to get their water or drain lines replaced.

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