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Attic Insulation: The #1 Home Efficiency Upgrade to Save You Money

Take it from your local Sioux Falls SD Insulation Contractor – sealing and insulating your attic is the number one way to increase your home efficiency and save money. Dollar for dollar, insulation gives you more return on your investment than any other home improvement upgrade including high efficiency heating and cooling systems or tankless water heaters.

Most insulation upgrades will pay for themselves within five or six years. Beyond that point, your savings with the utility company stops paying for your upgrade and starts paying you. It’s easy to see how attic sealing and insulation gives you a phenomenal return on your investment.

Did you know that as much as 70% of your energy costs go right out your attic?

It’s true! This is because of something called stack affect. Stack affect is just another way to talk about convection, which is the principle that as air is heated it expands, becomes less dense and rises. The heat in your home rises up to the ceiling and then goes out all of the cracks – the electrical cracks around baseboards and can lights, the cracks above the doors, the cracks in your closets, etc. It is an easy path to go right out the attic.

At Golden Rule when we do an attic upgrade, we use cellulose insulation, which is basically just ground up newspaper. It stops about 90% of the air escaping from your attic. Just by simply blowing stabilized spray cellulose into your attic we are able to stop a significant amount of the air exfiltration. Then, on the harder cases – mainly older homes – we spray the tops of the walls with foam  or use mastic to seal them. Many times, we also spray around electrical boxes, especially on plaster homes because they are so leaky. What we are trying to do is seal the floor of your attic so that air is no longer escaping from your house, which means more money in your pocket!


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