Heating Tune-Up Services in Sioux Falls, SD

Over 50% of our furnace repair and service calls could have been avoided with a little bit of routine regular maintenance. The average home’s central heating and cooling system runs around 2,000 hours per year or more. That’s the equivalent of driving your car 65 miles per hour for 130,000 miles, non-stop. You can’t run your car and shouldn’t run your heating and cooling system that long without maintenance.

That’s why we developed a 21-step tune-up that reduces expensive repairs and increases your system’s efficiency. For only $69 and about an hour of your time, we will get your furnace ready for the winter weather.

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Golden Rule’s 21-Point Precision Tune-Up

  • Check thermostat operation
  • Check pilot ignition sequence (adjust pilot)
  • Observe main burner operation
  • Check flue draft on natural draft furnaces
  • Test fan switch/heating fan relay operation
  • Check primary limit operation
  • Cycle furnace off, and record “fan off” temp
  • Visually inspect heat exchanger
  • Check blower wheel for cleanliness
  • Check blower motor to include bearings, belts, pulleys
  • Check air filter (air cleaner)
  • Check furnace temperature rise
  • Fire furnace & leak check gas line from manual safety shutoff to main burners
  • Test flue spill switch operation
  • Check auxiliary limit switch operation
  • Test draft safeguard switch operation
  • Check humidifier operation
  • Operate furnace through one cycle
  • Clean furnace cabinet
  • Review results with customer (IAQ-Plumbing-Electrical)
  • Review service agreement with customer

In addition to maintaining your furnace, Golden Rule also offers expert maintenance services for air conditioners, heat pumps, water heaters, humidifiers, geothermal systems and more.


  • All of our Technicians Are Licensed
  • We Offer A One Year “Test Drive” Guarantee
  • There is No Bait and Switch With Our Pricing
  • Clean, Uniformed Technicians Who Have Been Drug Tested & Background Checked
  • We’re Here For You 24/7 With Round The Clock Service
  • We’ll Never Smoke Or Swear In Your Home
  • We’ve Been In The Industry Since 2008
  • 100% Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

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