boiler service sioux falls, sdMost of our clients who have boilers really love them and want to keep them running as long as they can. However, if you aren’t having annual boiler cleanings and safety inspections performed then you are severely shortening the expected lifespan of your boiler. Whether your boiler needs a tune-up, service or repair work be sure to call our team of licensed Service Experts.

What is included in a boiler service?

  1. Check Burners
  2. Check Relief Valve
  3. Check Backflow Preventer
  4. Check Fast Fill Valve
  5. Check Low Water Cut Off (LWCO)
  6. Check Exhaust Piping
  7. Check Electrical Connections & Wire Condition
  8. Check Safety Switched and Limit Control
  9. Check Ignition Module
  10. Check Pilot Assembly
  11. Check Hot Surface Ignitor (HSI) or Spark Rod
  12. Check For Gas Leaks From Gas Cock To Boiler
  13. Check Boiler Circulator Pumps
  14. Check Boiler Zone Valves
  15. Check Flow Controls
  16. Check Vents (Boiler Air Eliminators/Steam Radiator Valves)
  17. Check Water Feeder
  18. Check Sight Glass and Isolation Valves
  19. Check Pig Tail For Pressuretrol
  20. Check Expansion System
  21. Check Flame Sensor
  22. Check Gas Pressure
  23. Check Water Temperature
  24. Check Water Pressure
  25. Check Steam Pressure Switch Setting

Total Care Club Boiler Maintenance

Prevent the need for costly boiler repairs with Golden Rule’s annual maintenance agreement. You really need to sign up for Golden Rule’s Total Care Club. You’ll have constant access to our award-winning service, along with additional exclusive incentives like priority response, free system tune-ups and special discounts. Questions? Call us at (605) 202-2020.