Consider This Perspective…

Most people wouldn’t drive their cars without ever having the oil changed. Your home’s heating, cooling, and plumbing systems are no different in that they need regular maintenance. In fact, just like your car, most manufacturers require that you have regular maintenance to keep their warranties intact.

Our Family Protection Plan, covers your home’s heating, cooling, and plumbing systems by completing maintenance on each system once per year. You can also save money by:

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  • Lengthening the life expectancy of your water heater, furnace, and air conditioner by having routine maintenance completed.
  • Having properly running systems helps keep them operating at their highest efficiency. A more efficient system, means lower utility bills!
  • Find minor problems before they turn into major repairs. Air conditioners, furnaces, and water heaters have parts that will break down. If you catch them early enough you can normally make a minor repair to keep the unit running.

Save Money with the Family Protection Plan

Don’t over-pay! With the Family Protection Plan, you can protect your family when you pay just $9 per month for the same quality maintenance on your Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical systems (a $276 value!).

The Family Protection Plan Includes:

  • Waived Service Call Charge With Completed Work
  • 10% Discount On Repairs
  • 5% Discount On Installations
  • Automatic Service Reminders
  • Furnace Maintenance Tune-up ($69 Value)
  • A/C Maintenance Tune-up ($69 Value)
  • Water Heater Maintenance Flush & Fill ($69 Value)
  • Priority Service

What is Included in a Maintenance Inspection?

  1. Checked the thermostat/ emergency ht. operation
  2. Checked the pilot ignition sequence (adjust pilot)
  3. Observed the main burner operation/ heating elements
  4. Checked flue draft on natural draft furnaces
  5. Tested fan switch/heating fan relay operation
  6. Checked primary limit operation/sequencers
  7. Cycled furnace off, and record “fan off” temperature
  8. Visually inspected the heat exchanger
  9. Checked the blower wheel for cleanliness
  10. Checked the blower motor to include bearings, belts, pulleys
  11. Checked the air filter
  12. Checked the furnace temperature rise
  13. Fired furnace and leak checked gas line/ electrical components
  14. Tested the flue spill switch operation
  15. Checked auxiliary limit switch operation
  16. Tested pressure switch
  17. Checked the humidifier operation
  18. Operated furnace through one cycle
  19. Cleaned furnace cabinet
  20. Review results with customer (IAQ Plumbing/Electrical)
  21. Review service agreement with customer
  1. Checked the thermostat operation
  2. Inspected filter at furnace
  3. Inspected the blower assembly
  4. Inspected and lubricated the blower motor
  5. Checked the amperage reading of the blower motor
  6. Inspected the condensate drain and flushed, if necessary
  7. Inspected the condenser coil
  8. Inspected all electrical connections in condensing unit
  9. Checked the service valves and service port caps
  10. Checked compressor voltage
  11. Checked contactor contacts for voltage drop
  12. Read and recorded the compressor discharge gas temperature
  13. Read and recorded the suction line temperature
  14. Read and recorded the liquid line temperature
  15. Checked evaporator coil performance
  16. Checked temperature drop across evaporator
  17. Checked unit operation according to charging calculator
  18. Cleaned condenser coil
  19. Cleaned A/C cabinet
  20. Cycle system through on a complete cycle
  21. Reset thermostat
  22. Review results with customer (IAQ-Plumbing-Electrical)
  23. Review service agreement with customer
  1. Drain sediment from bottom of tank
  2. Clean combustion chamber Leak check of tank
  3. Evaluate sacrificial anode rod
  4. Visually inspect the thermocouple
  5. Inspect all flue piping
  6. Check for proper draft in chimney
  7. Leak check all gas connections
  8. Test T&P relief valve
  9. Stabilize/balance hot water after draining
  10. Remove sediment in aerators
  11. Check condition of drain value on
  12. Check condition of main water shut off on top of heater
  13. Check condition of gas shut off on top heater


  • All of our Technicians Are Licensed
  • We Offer A One Year “Test Drive” Guarantee
  • There is No Bait and Switch With Our Pricing
  • Clean, Uniformed Technicians Who Have Been Drug Tested & Background Checked
  • We’re Here For You 24/7 With Round The Clock Service
  • We’ll Never Smoke Or Swear In Your Home
  • We’ve Been In The Industry Since 2008
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