How Can I Prevent & Fix A Clogged Drain?

Did you know that Thanksgiving and Christmas are the busiest time of year for plumbers due to the large amount of clogs caused by misuse and abuse of drains, toilets, and garbage disposals? In fact any holiday where friends and family gather together for fun, food and fellowship typically means a significant rise in the [...]

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PEX Pipes vs Copper Pipes

Sioux Falls Plumbing Repair: PEX Pipes vs Copper Pipes in Cold Climate Every so often we get a call from a new homeowner or prospective home buyer asking us about plastic pipe durability.Generally speaking, when it comes to smaller repairs we will go back with the same type of pipe which you had before, generally [...]

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Installing A New Toilet

How do I install a new toilet? Installing a new toilet is often an exciting time for any household. It is not uncommon for a family to replace a toilet only once, if ever, during their time in a home. When you are ready to install a new toilet it is important not only [...]

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