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At Golden Rule Home Services, LLC we are proud to offer customized zoning to keep every member of your family comfortable, regardless of where they are in your home. Now you can divide your home’s ductwork into specific zones that can be controlled independently, whether you are heating or cooling.

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Solve the “Too Hot” & “Too Cold” Problem

Imagine if every time you turned on a light switch, every electrical device in your home came on. That would be crazy! So why is it that when you need heating in one room, the entire house heats up?

Now you can zone your home heating and air conditioning so that you don’t have to heat or cool your entire home when you don’t need to. Zoning is simply a way of dividing a home into areas with similar cooling and heating needs. With zoning, you can have the same flexibility with your temperature as you do with your lighting, by independently controlling different areas of your home according to their needs and occupancy. This can help save energy costs for your home and help keep your HVAC system from wear over time.

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Sioux Falls Home Zoning Systems by Golden Rule

Find out if a Home Zoning System is right for you…

  • Do you have internal areas of your Sioux Falls home that tend to overheat or overcool?
  • Are different family members comfortable at different temperatures?
  • Are any rooms used for special purposes such as a home office or exercise room?
  • Do you have problems with temperatures varying from one floor of your house to another?
  • Are any rooms seldom used such as a formal dining room or guest bedroom?
  • Do you have any rooms that have unique cooling and heating requirements such as a sunroom, basement, or bonus room?
  • Will you entertain often?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should consider one of our Golden Rule zoning systems for your household.


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