How Should I choose A Residential Plumbing, Electrical or HVAC Contractor?

Thousands of American’s across the country hire a contractor to perform some type of repair on their home every day, yet very few people really know what to look for in selecting a contractor. Have you ever heard of a friend or neighbor of yours having a bad experience with a plumber, electrician or air conditioning man? Chances are you have. That is why we wanted to share this helpful list of questions so that you don’t get burned by someone doing bad contracting work.

  1. How many installations or repairs of this type has this company made?
    We have done thousands of repairs and installations. We know the codes, the climate and the building in Sioux Falls. We know what works and what doesn’t which means that your home will not be our experimental playground. The job will be done right which saves you money.
  2. Do they specialize in residential repair or commercial work?
    We specialize in residential service, repair and installation. This is important because you don’t want a new construction or heavy duty commercial or industrial plumbing or HVAC service expert coming into your home where he could damage floors, walls, ceiling, stairs, banisters etc. while working. Residential service is considered a higher field that a technician moves into after starting off in building new houses or commercial work.
  3. Are they a local family owned and operated company?
    Since we are a local family owned and operated company we are able to provide personalized service and accountability when we service you.
  4. Do they have an ongoing training program?
    Our ongoing training program makes our Service Experts more efficient which helps to keep our expenses down and saves you money.
  5. Do they have a live 24/7 phone operator?
    Our 24/7 live phone operator means that when you call you will always receive a quick response time which oftentimes limits property damage and saves you money. This also makes working with our company more convenient for you.
  6. Do they have an office staff?
    Our office staff are always available to help you with any questions, comments, concerns, or complaints you may have about our services.
  7. Do they have a computerized client history?
    Our computerized record system means that we keep the records so that you don’t have to. If you happen to lose your invoices over the years we will always have digital copies to verify what work has been done and what the warranties are.
  8. Do they provide 24/7 emergency service?
    We offer 24/7 emergency service because we don’t believe you should pay more just because it’s a weekend or holiday.
  9. Do they use marked vehicles?
    We use marked vehicles so that you will always know it’s us when we arrive at your home.
  10. Do they wear a uniform?
    All of our Service Experts wear professional uniforms so that you know our technician is a company employee and not a subcontractor.
  11. Do they hire subcontractors or is the work going to be performed by an employee of the company?
    We will never send a subcontractor to your home in place of a Service Expert. All of our technicians are employees of Golden Rule Home Services, L.L.C.
  12. Do they drive well maintained service vehicles?
    Our vehicles are big, bright and meticulously maintained. This means that we won’t leave a stain on your driveway. Well maintained vehicles are also more reliable which means that they spend more time making repairs on homes in Sioux Falls and less time sitting in a mechanic’s shop. Good truck maintenance also helps keep our overhead expenses down which saves you money.
  13. Do they stock their trucks with thousands of the most commonly used parts and supplies?
    All of our trucks are stocked with thousands of the most commonly used parts and supplies. This saves you money because we don’t have to incorporate fees into our prices just to go to the supply house. This is also more convenient for you because repairs can be performed faster which saves you time and money.
  14. Do they use a standardized pricing guide?
    Every one of our Service Experts carry a flat rate standardized pricing guide which means that when we pull up to your home we aren’t trying to figure out how much you can afford to pay to have your system fixed. Everyone pays the same price for the same work regardless of who you are, where you live, how much money you make or the car you drive.
  15. Do they quote a firm price up front?
    We always quote flat rate up front prices before the work begins. This means that there are no hidden charges or added fees if the job takes longer than anticipated.
  16. Do they offer discounts on additional tasks?
    We are able to create package discounts on some of our tasks which saves you money when you do more work at one time.
  17. Do they wear shoe covers in your home to protect your floors?
    We always cover our shoes when we come into your home because we value your property and wants to protect your home.
  18. Do they use mats or cloths to protect your home?
    We use mats and drop cloths when we work inside of your home so that there is no property damage when we are completing repairs.
  19. Are they licensed?
    We are licensed in the state of South Dakota which means that we have passed the rigorous standards and demonstrated thorough knowledge of the plumbing codes. This is your assurance that we have met South Dakota’s strict standards to call ourselves a plumbing contractor. Our South Dakota Plumbing Contractor’s license number is SXF-E0812-16-1945C.
  20. Are they insured?
    We are fully insured which means that in the unlikely event that one of our employees is injured on your property or we damage your property that you will not have to file a claim against your own insurance.
  21. Are they bonded?
    We are bonded, which means that your deposit is secure with us.
  22. Do they have a good standing with the Better Business Bureau?
    We are proud of our A rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  23. Do they have good reviews on social media?
    We wholeheartedly believe that we have the best reviews in Sioux Falls and we pride ourselves greatly on providing excellent customer service to our community.
  24. Do they pull permits?
    We pull permits on jobs which require permits to be pulled.
  25. Do they give you their street address?
    Our office street address is 927 E. 8th St Ste. 05 Sioux Falls, SD 57103.
  26. Does all of their work meet or exceed current existing codes?
    We guarantee that all of our work will meet or exceed existing codes and regulations. If our work does not meet the standards we will correct the problem at no additional cost to you.
  27. Do they use only field tested time tested parts and supplies?
    We use only time tested, field tested parts and supplies because it just isn’t worth saving a dollar or two to buy something from China that won’t work for you.
  28. Do they clean up when the work is completed?
    We always clean up our work area and will show it to you before we leave so that you aren’t left to clean up after us.
  29. Do they remove and dispose of old parts and equipment?
    We remove and dispose of all old parts and equipment within 24 hours after we have completed work at your home. This saves you the hassle of having to get rid of old, rusty, stinky pipes and fixtures.
  30. Do they guarantee your satisfaction?
    We guarantee your complete satisfaction and will work with you to resolve any problems you may have with our service.
  31. Do they offer a parts and labor warranty?
    We offer parts and labor warranties ranging from two years up to your lifetime in your home.
  32. Do they prioritize warranty calls?
    We prioritize warranty calls.
  33. Do they offer a variety of payment options?
    We accept check, cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express.
  34. Do they offer a Service Agreement?
    Our Total Care Club offers you thousands of dollars of savings through discounts, coupons and waived service fees. Join our Total Care Club and start saving today!
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  • All of our Technicians Are Licensed
  • We Offer A One Year “Test Drive” Guarantee
  • There is No Bait and Switch With Our Pricing
  • Clean, Uniformed Technicians Who Have Been Drug Tested & Background Checked
  • We’re Here For You 24/7 With Round The Clock Service
  • We’ll Never Smoke Or Swear In Your Home
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